The greatest value of our company is its people. BRIDGE GROUP employees are experts in their fields who work as a team. Currently, the staff consists of almost 200 specialists in the field of accounting, taxation, labor protection, HR administration and high technology.

Leaders and managers

Баженов Вячеслав

Bazhenov Vyacheslav

General Manager

Experience: 18 years

Head office

Мира Пятова

Experience: 17 years

Зуйкова Ольга

Experience: 14 years

Пастухова Анна

Pastukhova Anna

Head of Customer Relations

Experience: 11 years

Tula branch

Павлова Алина

Pavlova Alina

Head of Legal Department

Experience: 16 years

Tula branch

Данилина Светлана

Danilina Svetlana

Head of Labor Protection Department

Experience: 29 years

Tula branch

Егорова Ольга

Egorova Olga

Head of Administration

Tula branch

Римма Клюева

Булгакова Надежда

Experience: 14 years

Ермакова Елена

Experience: 24 years

Баженова Юлия

Беляева Дарья

Experience: 10 years

Мезенцев Евгений

Experience: 17 years

Савченко Лидия

Savchenko Lydia

Account Manager

Experience: 7 years

Head office

Contact us

  • Moscow:: +7 (495) 255-26-40
    115230, Moscow, Varshavskoye Highway, 42, office 4296
  • St. Petersburg:: +7 (812) 612-26-87
    196247, St. Petersburg, Leninsky Prospect, house 151, office 604
  • Tula:: +7 (4872) 52-15-11
    300012, Tula, Moris Torez street, house 5, corpus 2, office 207
  • Cheboksary:: +7 (495) 255-26-40
    428003, Cheboksary, Yaroslavskaya street, house 74, office 803