Accounting services

A set of accounting services for Russian business and representative offices of foreign companies.

We work in all regions of Russia.

Accounting is an important function of any organization that requires a competent approach. However, a complete immersion in this complex and responsible process can distract the managers and employees of enterprises from their main activities.

Outsourcing of accounting services in the Bridge Group allows you to free up your time for the development of the company and be calm about your accounting.

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Basic accounting services

Our benefits.

Big experience

We helped many large companies like Shell.


Training, technical and consulting assistance at all stages.


Support of foreign and domestic regulations of document processing


Not a single hacking or information leak for 10 years of work.

Express audit of accounting

More about accounting services

Accounting services are optimal choise for small, medium and large businesses.

Assign accounting, preparation and submission of reports to the experts of our company. Outsourcing from BRIDGE GROUP is a new quality of solving accounting problems. We have been providing accounting services for over 10 years, 300 regular customers in different cities of Russia work with us, among them large companies Shell, Emex, Baon. We help free up resources and time for key processes, reduce costs and optimize tax payments.

To order accounting services, learn more about options for partnership, individually create a profitable package of services, leave a request on the website or call us.

What is included in the accounting services of the Bridge Group?

Accounting, taxes and reporting:
  • drawing up all the necessary reporting;
  • sending reports by electronic channels;
  • forming registers of bookkeeping and tax accounting;
  • evaluating tax risks;
  • protecting your tax rights;
  • preparing a package of documents for tax audit.
Shopping and sales:
  • ntegrating primary documents into the 1C database;
  • drawing up the primary documents for the shipment of goods, the performance of work, services;
  • help with work in 1C;
  • preparing incoming reconciliation reports with contractors;
  • issuing invoices for payment.
Bank and cash desk:
  • carrying out bank statements;
  • preparing payment orders for tax payments to the budget;
  • preparing and uploading payment orders for payment to the client bank;
  • accounting and conducting foreign exchange operations;
  • advising on maintaining cash records;
  • advance accounting;
  • checking and reflecting the accounting report on retail sales;
  • tracking in the personal account in the tax service the sending of checks to the tax authority.
Fixed and intangible assets :
  • taking to accounting and writing fixed assets off;
  • charging depreciation.
Legal support:
  • advising on the legal aspects of accounting services;
  • checking the reliability of counterparties;
  • conducting an examination of contracts, drawing up legal documents.
IT-support :
  • creating and placing the 1C accounting base;
  • updating accounting databases;
  • providing 1 free access to the accounting database;

Rimma Klyueva, Head of the Department of Accounting and Taxation:

“The experience of our customers and 92% of all Western companies proves that the complete or partial transfer of accounting to outsourcing increases the efficiency of key business processes and guarantees reliability in accounting and legal matters”.

Our clients

They helped hundreds of companies to build effective management and management, optimized costs and replenished the staff of qualified employees. For large projects, individual teams of experts with experience in your industry are formed.

Projects and reviews

Term of partnership

108 mounts

Freed up time

238 680 hours

Saved money

4 873 050

I would like to say my thankfulness to the whole team of your company and especially Veronika Voznesenskaya for the high speed of solving our problems, professionalism and reverent attitude to work. These qualities make the interaction with your company extremely pleasant.

Denis Kalemberg, General Manager

Term of partnership

112 mounts

Freed up time

247 392 hours

Saved money

5 050 920

Partnership with BRIDGE GROUP is only a pleasant experience. The company's specialists daily offer new ideas and solutions for optimizing the 1C "Management and Trade" system. We have developed trusting relationships; all working problems are resolved promptly and in a friendly manner. We are pleased to see BRIDGE GROUP as our key partner.

Andrei Gavrilov, General Manager

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